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Surrey Home Care offers several options for taking care of you or a loved one. With our services, we help you stay at home while being happy, independent, and in the best physical condition. Our services are available on an hourly basis at your home or assisted living communities.

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Post Surgical Care

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Welcome To Surrey Home Care Services

Welcome to our organization that offers home care services to the elderly in their homes. Our home caregivers provide a range of services such as companionship, personal care, meal preparation, remote patient monitoring, and housekeeping. Instead of seniors moving into assisted living facilities, they can continue living wherever they feel most comfortable and happiest, which is their home.

No one understands the importance of home health care services like Surrey Home health Care. To make sure the needs of your loved ones are met efficiently and comfortably, our home care assistance works with them closely.

Give us a call today to get the best caregiver services available to enjoy your home health services. Schedule your free home care assessment today by giving us a call. We offer the in-home care that your loved one needs and the peace of mind you deserve.

About Surrey Home Care Services

At Surrey, Health Care Services is a group of loving people that help elderly persons to enjoy living independently and safely in their own homes. Regardless of whether they need extra hands with their daily chores in the house, transportation to different places, we are the companions that will help you whenever you want it.

We aim to match up to the physical, mental, and emotional demands of elderly clients through the provision of well-trained, compassionate, loving, caring, and experienced caregivers. We want to be the outright option for your elderly relatives for home care. Our services are programmed to fit the individual needs of your loved ones perfectly and are ready to be the companion of choice for them. We emphasize the need for a good relationship between our caregivers and our elderly loved ones. We strive to be the best home health care providers Surrey, BC, has produced yet. Your caregiver will be chosen as per your needs and personality to increase the easiness of service provision while guaranteeing the utmost comfort and trust. Happiness and joy are what we want for our elderly when they interact with us by; ensuring that they receive first-class treatment and satisfaction and contentment is the goal.

Surrey has helped many senior members of the society in Surrey, BC, Canada, for the last decade. The vision and mission of home care are to be the first choice for anyone in need of home care assistance all over the country.

Our team is standing by to come to your aid and your loved ones. We pride ourselves on the best home healthcare Surrey has to offer. Contact us today for a free in-home care assessment and any home care assistance in Surrey.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a support team that will help with daily activities, companionship, reduce the stress for family members with the elderly and other members who need help in their day-to-day lives. Our home care nursing services can facilitate a healthy home recovering from an injury or illness. Surrey prides itself in elderly care that is one of its kind with positive reviews from our present and past clients and leads the rest of the home health care agencies.

We aim to be ahead of other home care agencies in Surrey BC. We follow the principles of person-centered care at home services. Our Surrey caregivers view our patients as individuals rather than majorly focusing on their illness, needs, or abilities that they may have lost in the process. We take into account every individual’s unique qualities, interests, abilities, and needs. Surrey elderly care is our priority, to ensure that our seniors enjoy their advanced years.

Our services offer a homely physical environment and not a replica of a hospital setting because we understand that our clients need to be relaxed and calm to recover from their respective illnesses. As an organization, we are responsible for taking care of our residents or just giving care at home, but we also must stay in contact with the families of those in the care home. Our customers are happy to choose us because of how we handle residents, our communication with the patients, and the end results of previous cases. Unlike other home health agencies, our reputation precedes us and the happy clients we have had over the years speak volumes of the quality of our services. We are the best home health care Surrey BC has to offer.

You can either call through our contacts or walk into our residences for consultation or inquiry to reach us. After inquiry of our services, our able receptionists will guide you to check in your loved one into the home. Our home nursing services are the best in Surrey, BC, Canada and we intend to always remain the best in our field.

Contact us today to schedule your free care consultation.

surrey home care personal care

Personal Care

Our compassionate and caring caregivers will help and support your older adults by tending to their needs, especially if they can no longer do their daily chores.

Surrey caregivers will ensure that they are helped with their walking, bathing, standing, dressing, and undressing, using the restrooms, and any other mobility challenges they may experience. We ensure that the dignity of your loved one is maintained at all times.

Pick that phone and call us today and get the home nursing help you need.

home care surrey bc meal preparation

Meal Preparation

Nutrition plays a crucial role in our health, and good food is needed for every individual to stay healthy. Our responsibilities as caregivers include developing a nutrition plan that will integrate nutritious meals for our clients that meet their health needs.

Our personnel are dedicated to making sure that good meals are served to your loved ones with enough drinking fluids that will revitalize their energy and make them stronger. Please inquire for more information on our elderly packages and the dietary plans that can be used to benefit them.

surrey home care assistance and companionship


Our seniors often find themselves isolated back at home due to their inability to work and age. Our goal as Surrey Home Care Services is to provide the missing emotional support through having engaging conversations, laying different games as the prevalence of the person, taking walks, and listening to songs and life stories that will keep them busy and active all day long.

Our trained and compassionate companion caregivers will be interested in knowing your loved ones personally to give them a sense of belonging while keeping them engaged at all times to avoid boredom that can at times lead to depression. Let our experts in-home care assist your loved one lead a better life.

surrey elderly care and transportation

Errands & Transportation

Freedom of movement is what grownups cherish. Older adults need to enjoy the freedom to live their lives even though they cannot drive. Our personnel is on standby to provide transport to lunch dates, shopping, medical appointments, and many other appointments.

We give them the independence that they yearn for to get to where they want on time. We are determined that your loved ones keep in touch with friends and family and even expand their social setup.

Contact us for reliable transportation services.

surrey caregiving and light housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers will help our seniors with light housekeeping to maintain a cleaner and conducive environment at home. Our housekeeping services include; cleaning bathrooms, vacuum cleaning, dusting, changing bed linens, cleaning dishes, and many more required services at home.

If you need at home care assistance for our senior members of society, contact us today.

surrey bc medication reminders for elderly

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers will make sure that medications are taken on time, and the schedule followed to the utmost to avoid uncertainties caused by the lack of medications. Medications are important for ailing older people, and their age can lead to forgetfulness. Our trained professional will make sure the correct medications and dosages are administered at the right time.

Contact as to receive the medical attention that you require at all times.

If you need in-home home health care, contact us today!

Respite Care

It home can be very strenuous to care for an elderly loved one. It can keep you away from your social life and even the things you love doing. We offer the best respite care that takes the burden off your back and gets you some time to enjoy the things you love doing. Your loved one will enjoy their time while in our care, and you can go to that ‘meeting’ that you have waiting, or take some time out. Our elder care services are here to give you a break. Just let us know how our caregiver services can help you get the best at home care your loved one needs.

Post Surgical Care

Our private caregivers and home health care providers will offer the best care and support that your loved one may need so that they have a steady recovery and healing after their surgery. We can help in all the needs and personal care that are required, such as administration of medication, updating your loved one’s doctor on their progress, and any other help they may need to recover quickly. You may ask yourself “Is there a home health care near me?” Don’t worry, we got you. Give us a call today and get your loved one a companion care giver that will help them peacefully and quickly recover. For elder care Surrey has the most qualified personnel to deliver the best services.

Parkinson's Disease Care

A loved one with Parkinson’s can receive the home care they need depending on their stage; this will dictate whether they need moderate assistance or full-time care. We will come with a plan that meets your loved one’s personal needs. We offer services such as housekeeping, preparation of meals, prevention of falls, transportation, and personal care. Contact us for a home health aide that you need today.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

Our health care providers are well trained, experienced, and well equipped to support seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our caregivers will craft a plan to suit the needs of your loved one if they are suffering any of the two conditions to ensure they receive the care they need in the home. The dementia surrey caregivers will plan activities from the likes of your loved ones to promote their well-being. Every bit of home health care Surrey offers is founded on respect, dignity, and love. Our senior home care is not matched anywhere else. Visit us today and let your loved one get the home help that they need and peace of mind for you.

Stroke Recovery Care

Our elderly caregivers are experienced and well-trained to help your loved one recover from a stroke. Every home health caregiver at Surrey provides emotional and physical support, companionship care, and private help to your loved one recover and relearn skills. We provide the best senior home care in Surrey. Give us a call today and ask about any senior home care services.

Hourly In-Home Care

Our flexibility perfectly suits the senior people who only require a few hours of our services a day.

Hourly In-home care costs are affordable which allows your loved ones to hire an hourly caregiver to help them to carry out light housekeeping, transportation, laundry, companionship, shopping, and many more activities that they require.

Our stellar performance in this category has put us on the curve, and our reputation is accredited to the first-class services you will receive when you call in for any consultation or services.

Hospital to Home Care

Our medical specialists will provide the care needed to support the recovery before and after being released from the hospital. This period is a critical time and can be challenging at times, but with the aid of our caregivers, we can achieve a swifter recovery. Individuals who may require therapy and other forms of help like cleaning themselves, and general grooming. Also, we come in handy when moving around; when you need to be taken back to the hospital for checkups and rehabilitation, we will drive you to your comfort to ensure a quick recovery.

Contact us today to inquire about our at-home healthcare programs..

Full-time In-home Care

At Surrey Home Care services, we have caregivers that offer home care health services to help with all personal care needs, transportation, home management, and caring companionship 24/7.

We have highly trained professionals that will help you find a caregiver that matches your needs and personality of your liking. If you are interested in a live-in caregiver at Surrey and its environs, don’t hesitate to contact us, and you will be handed to safe hands.

About Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey is a suburban city found in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is located south of the Fraser River but to the north of the United States of America. It is regarded as the fastest growing city in Canada, with a terrain of hills and flatlands.

The population is estimated to be over 687,000, and the metropolitan area is over 587,000 majority work in Vancouver but resides in Surrey due to their proximity.

The economy presents great opportunities for international trade with the United States and Asia due to the high population of people of Asian descent. The city is ideal for leaving and has the best environment to thrive as an individual.

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  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does caregiver services cost?

Caregiver services cost vary by the place and the type of elderly individual needs. Contact us and inquire of our rates on the different services we offer and what suits your needs.

How much are consultation fees?

Consultation is free in any Surrey home care agency near you as it is for our agency. Our home health care costs are friendly and therefore you will get value for your Come and meet our professionals and receive free assessment and discussions, which will help them build a support plan that will make you feel good about how capable we are to provide first-class services.

How do I locate qualified caregivers near me?

Surrey has many agencies that provide home and senior care services. Due to their considerable numbers, it isn’t easy to determine the right one to provide your home care assistance. The best option is to use testimonials from relatives and friends, the caregiver agency they believe is the best and the experience they have when interacting with them or used before. Given the track record, we hold we are the best currently in the British Columbia region. We only use the best experts to give stellar services to our clients always. The best services in home care Surrey BC. We are among the best caregiver agencies in Surrey so far. Call us now to book an appointment with us for valuable home assistance.

What are the different types of caregivers?

We have the following types of caregivers

  • Professional caregiver.
  • Family caregiver
  • Private Duty Caregiver
  • Independent caregiver
  • Volunteer and informal caregiver.

What are the qualifications for a caregiver?

Caregivers are trained individuals that work and socialize as ordinary other people. Our agency hires the best of the industry to remain more dominant and ahead of the pack. Professionalism is the backbone of our agency, and we are determined to provide the best ever services in the city.

How are caregivers certified?

The first thing is to enroll caregiver training program provided by the health department of the state. The second step is to complete the training program, and lastly, to be certified, you must pass the certification exam that will see you certified.


What Our Clients Say

"We called them for elderly caregiver services and we are very pleased with the kindness of their caregivers. This is of great value to us because my dad needs compassionate care while helping him maintain his independence."

Kathy Stephens

"They have made it possible for me to live at home. My caregiver helps me every morning by helping me bathe, dress and make my breakfast. My caregiver listens to me and we share many fun stories with each other."

Jane Nickelson

"My mom needs elderly care and the people here give the kind of care and support that she needs. Her caregivers help make her feel cared for and she loves their companionship."

Tim Halverson

Contact Us Today

We love offering elderly home care. The seniors deserve to lead dignified lives in their twilight years. We believe nothing beats home. Our senior caregivers offer quality and compassionate care, and they offer several services to help our elderly clients regain their independence by letting them feel at home. The caregiver services give you a helping hand in caring for your loved one and free some time to enjoy other aspects of life without worrying about your loved one. The welfare of your loved one should not stress you out when we are here to help.

Contact Surrey Home Care Services today and make an appointment for your free consultation. We welcome you to our home; feel free to ask for any healthcare at-home services.

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